A brief, yet sexy, explanation

My plan was to design an awesome blog before relaunching in a somewhat serious manner. As you may have surmised, this has not yet come to pass. Therefore, I am following the lead of all the coolest Web 2.0 websites who launch, often with crap functionality, and proceed in “beta” stage for years. (Non-geeks: “beta” is a software term for the testing stage preceding an application’s release; currently it’s the most recognizable symbol for self-proclaiming something’s coolness).

At least I have something to show for my absence: my amazingly kickass url (this has the added benefit of ensuring, at least for a year, that no matter how fickle my tastes in bloggin software, you’ll know where to find me online), plus the shiny beta bubble (never mind that the top’s cut off). During this beta stage, I’ll be trying to blog while continuing learning/working on a original redesign plans. Soon, my site will be as beautiful as this one, or this one.

I can’t wait.