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Today I received a new Facebook friend request from Jenna McCoy. She’s wearing a bikini in her picture and explains that she’s new in town and looking for friends and she mostly uses her other profile at

Users of MySpace are probably familiar with the fake spam porn friend request. Until now, however, this element was absent from Facebook, which had remained the dignified and restrained older brother of the online social networks to MySpace’s rebellious purple-spiky-haired pre-teen.

I think Facebook came before MySpace, and its controlled “network” environment—only letting students from certain schools join, not being able to see others’ profiles—probably hindered it, and allowed the anarchy that was MySpace to overtake it in popularity. Now Facebook is trying to gain back some ground by opening up. They still use networks, but now they can be based on a locale, like San Francisco, as well as schools or companies. The new Facebook “applications”, although more controlled, are an attempt to compete with MySpace’s HTML free-for-all, which allows endless profile customizations and often malicious code additions.

So, what’s the result of Facebook’s cautious attempts at innovation and expansion? Her name is Jenna, and her hobbies include going to clubs, sexy dancing, and erotic photography.