I accept the offer.

…And I’m not stupid.

To:ahmedmusa_06@yahoo.comSubject: Re: REPLY BACKGreetings, Mr or Mrs Musa.I was very interested to read your email. I would like to help you with this transaction.My name is Thomas Poe, and I am a resident of San Francisco, California. I am 39 years old and divorced (no kids!!).Currently I do not have a company or position, as you requested (which is one reason I am so interested in your inquiry! LOL)By trade, I am a locksmith/juggler. I am known throughout my city as “The Locksmith Who Juggles”. Unfortunately, with the advent of magnetic key cards, and those damn car alarm clickies, there’s less and fewer uses for a locksmith (not to mention one who juggles!). I haven’t worked for months!As you can see, I believe this situation is mutually benefitiaul to both of us.However, as I’m sure you know, there are a lot of creeps out there on the internets (not to mention the pedophiles!!). Could you please tell me a bit more about yourself and your partner’s self and about how we will go about this transaction?As you say, honesty and trust is the watchword. I believe we can work out a beautiful relation.Your friend (with benefits! 😉 ),Tommy “The Locksmith Who Juggles” Poe