Alas, I am but a poor locksmith/juggler.


To: “ahmed musa” <>
Subject: Re: Please confirm if you are capable to helping us with this US$2,100.00.

Hello, DOCTOR! I apologize for my tardy response. I’m tardy all thetime, over and over (my friends say ;there’s Tommy,tardy again! He’s re-tardy!”)Anyway, thank for your consideration. I am anxious toconclude the transaction!! As you know, ever since theloss of my three left fingers (jugging accident), Ihave not been able to proceed with my duty as SanFrancisco’s Juggling Locksmith (for many months). Asyou are wise, you are correct: I do not have $2100 inwhich with to apply to this transaction. All of mysavings is only $1873, which I am saving to use tore-attach two of my fingers (i keep them in thefreezer next to orange juice concentrate!!) – mostlikely middle (for giving to ol’ one finger saluteLOL) and pinky (for tea).

As you will no doubt surmise, 1878 i snot quite 2100.I am truly sorry for this inconvenience. I truly hopedto use the proceeds from our mutual benefit to alsoget my ring finger re-attached as well (in case i evermeet that special person – or my ex-wife changes hercomes to her senses LOL!). Truly, alas, ’twas notmeant to be, as Shakespear said!!however, truly, if I may be off further assistance,please call my home phone anytime at (415) 553-7400.

Sometimes my roommate Ronald answers and pretends tobe jerk on the phone (immature!). Just say (screammaybe?) “Let me talk to Mr. Poe!!!” and he will getme.

Thank you!!! I love you!!!

Tommy P. Juggles