It’s a steal at $2100.

From:  “ahmed musa”Subject: Please confirm if you are capable to helping us with this US$2,100.00.Dear Thomas Poe  Thanks for your positive response to our proposal. As you said that there is a lot of creeps out there on the internet, note that this deal is our lifetime opportunity to better ourselves so it is not just among the creeps on the internet.  For your information about me and my partners, we are four officials of NNPC involved in this transaction. We will be grateful to transact this deal with you for your mutual understanding but what will pose a problem is that this deal needed some little expenses which we already know and my colleagues and I have contributed the little money we saved from our salaries which is our life’s saving but it will not be enough to execute this deal hence we needed somebody who can assist us with little finance to actualize this deal.  Now from what you are saying, you have not worked for months, which mean you might not have the little finance required to helping us in achieving this deal. In a nutshell, we will need you to help us with US$2,100.00 to finance this deal. My colleagues and I have already contributed US$9,600.00 Please confirm if you are capable to helping us with this US$2,100.00 so that we can tell you the process of this deal which will not take us more than 2weeks to conclude.  We are waiting for your urgent response. You can call me on my direct phone number: 234-80-33185088 and you should give me your direct phone number to call you.    Best RegardsDr Ahmed Musa.