Title of Experiment

In an effort to… do something, I’m embarking on a seven-day experiment in daily blogging (and by “seven-day”, of course I mean “four-day”… I’m going to be out of town). Many people (one) have expressed interest in reading my insights on a daily basis. And, really, who can blame them, so penetrating are my insights. So I’m going to do my best to spew something forth everyday. Expect the posts to be half-thought, incomplete, generally incoherent and uninteresting.

This is actually quite scary for me. Scarier than you’d think. Being all incomplete and uncensored. You have no idea how much I censor myself. Not even for any good reason—often just out of laziness. Although probably more often out of debilitating irrational anxiety. I’m afraid of being misunderstood, or maybe worse, being partially understood.

But we’ll forget all that for now. LET THE GREAT EXPERIMENT BEGIN!!!