Dropping Anchor

I had a bad day. In fact, the whole week just kind of sucks. Even hanging out with my only friend for a few hours on Tuesday—which usually cheers me up for days—couldn’t pull this week out of the crapper.

So I’m not even going to write anything. I just wanted to come home, picking up some beer on the way, and relax into oblivion for a few hours. No such luck.

You see, I’m pretty new to the whole “alcohol consumption” thing, so I’ve been trying out a new beer every couple weeks. Last week I drank Fat Tire, which I liked a lot—crisp but hearty, a very Belgiumy beer (as if I know what I’m talking about). But today I would try something else, and decided on a local brew, Anchor Steam Beer, “Made in San Francisco since 1896.” I believe it, and I think I got what was left over from the first batch. It’s bitter, almost sweet, in an overly-fermented way, just not very soothing after a shitty day.

But hey, tomorrow’s Friday. And Friday can’t be bad, can it?