And that makes three

Blogs are supposed to have a theme, some underlying purpose, a reason for existence. At least the ones that anyone would read have this. (That’s not strictly true; one of my favorites, The Hot Librarian, doesn’t really have a cohesive theme… maybe that’s why she hasn’t posted since April.)

This was always a problem for me, as I don’t have any Areas of Expertise, and my interests are rather broad. I’m pretty much a Renaissance man, with genius comparable to Da Vinci. So I finally decided I’d flout the conventions. That’s one of the reasons I chose this title.

This blog is intended to be a mashup of different tones, emotions, ideas, and interests—much like your typical human being. This blog isn’t about computers, or television writing/what I had for lunch, or politics (no link; I don’t read political blogs), or even the misuse of language—although this is about all of these things.

But what is this, then? How do I summarize all I hope to illustrate here? The best explanation I have, is that This is—as best I can approximate—Conlan.