6,272 words

Well, that was a fairly abrupt jump in word count, wasn’t it? Want to know my secret?


I got to thinking about my character becoming more and more me, and I thought, who’s more like me than I am? And it turns out I’m a useful source of information about myself, in the form of past blogs. A little copy-and-paste about being evicted from infested hotels and watching crazy people, and I’ve made up a couple thousand words.

You may object to this flagrant violation of the spirit of NaNoWriMo, to which I respond: Up yours, loser. Don’t you have anything better to do than badger writing hobbyists in the throes of existential despair just trying to find a reason and a means to live until their next paycheck so they can drown their emotions in beer and Skittles? How pathetic is your own life when you’ve nothing better to do than complain about really meaningless shit like this? Maybe you should get a bit introspective for a moment and discover why you’re feeling so inadequate.

That being said–keep up the good work, everyone!