An instant messaging game you may want to play

Conlan: i just came up with a cool game. want to play?
Someone: as long as it really is cool
Conlan: it is. i type a tv show theme song, and you have to guess the show
Conlan: ready?
Conlan: i’ll start with an easy one:
Conlan: na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na-na. batman!
Conlan: what show is that from?
Someone: Batman!
Conlan: good job!
Conlan: next:
Conlan: doomp dee doomp dee doomp dee doomp dee dee, doomp dee doomp dee doomp dee doomp dee dee
Conlan: what’s that one?
Someone: I don’t know…
Someone: I’m bad at this game
Conlan: alfred hitchcock presents
Someone: oh
Conlan: good try though
Someone: thanks
Conlan: next:
Conlan: duh doo-doo, duh doo-doo, duh doo-doo-doo duh doo-doo. duh doo-doo duh doo-doo zwimp boing!
Conlan: how about that one?
Someone: hahaha, I like this game. but I don’t know
Conlan: that one’s dick van dyke
Conlan: it was a hard one. i think i left out a doo
Conlan: i’m sorry, but you had just one correct answer
Conlan: that means you do not win carl kasell’s voice on your home answering machine