Covers Magazine, Fall 2008


The latest issue of Covers Magazine is out, featuring a couple articles by me (i.e., Conlan). You can read the issue online by clicking the Covers Digital Edition link on their home page. If you would like your very own physical copy, you can buy one somewhere around Fresno, probably.

And no, I don’t know why it’s called Covers. I should ask. It’s probably because it “covers” stuff, not because it’s full of covers. Most of it is actually made of pages. There’s only one cover per issue, as far as I can tell.

Irregardlessness: the cover story, which I wrote, is about Nicole Giordano, host and promotions coordinator for Fresno’s KFRE CW Channel 59. I also wrote a short profile (less interesting) on my pal Ryan, of RCJones Photography, who photographed Nicole and contributed a bunch of other shots throughout the issue.

Concludingly, congratulations to Jay and the rest of the gang at Covers for making it to the big Oh-One.

(P.S. The “conspiracy theories” thing was a joke… at least that’s what they’d like you to think.)

Update 10/19/08: The physical magazine still isn’t out yet. I’m not sure if it ever will be; there have been some changes at Covers. Also, Nicole has since moved on from KFRE and will be doing all kinds of cool things in the future, which you can keep tabs on at her new MySpace: