Stop the character assassination

Over the last few days there’s been a lot of internet gossip about me—mostly on Gawker, and then Drudge picked it up. People are saying mean, hateful things. They’re saying that I don’t really have business cards like I posted a few days ago. One commenter on Politico even claimed that I don’t have any fingers.

Well, to put these rumors to rest, and to restore my and my fingers’ good names*, I’ve produced (annotated) photographic proof:

Photo 6-1.jpg

Now I think we can put this sad episode behind us once and for all.

I am currently much too busy (in life), doing things of a time-consuming nature, to “blog” for you. I do however promise to write on my (this) “blog” in the near (soon) future. Be sure to keep checking back multiple times a day.

And remember: the fundamentals of our eCONomy will always be strong. Italics.

*Conlan, Charlie, Annabelle, Suzette, Clarence, Franklin, Janet, Jake, Travis, Nancy, Sandra, and “Mr. Potter”.