Piece of Troy

There is a time in all our lives
When dogs and turtles, wombats drive
To a place where candles make
Shadows dance till spirits wake
And that is when the Troy arrives.

He watches, silent, tempting, truck.
The last one standing, shut the fudge
Up, he’s thinking, the nice is night,
The beer is Coors—always Light.
There never was such better luck.

Don’t ask, don’t tell, please don’t ask
What he’s pouring from that flask.
That was only on a cruise,
He’s cut back now, on the booze.
But when it’s ‘Ween, he’ll wear a mask.

All get ready, time to pack.
Run a lap around the track.
RC launched a sneak attack—
The Troy had burger in his crack.
Serving free, click and clack,
There’s none else with such a knack
For filling in when there’s a lack.
Some things can get wiggity whack
But the Troy is there and has your back.

Save your gifts of chocolates, flowers:
“What’s mine is yours, what’s Troy’s is ours.”