Lindsay: Salt of the Earth

I don’t know why I still know Lindsay. I don’t stay in contact with any of those U.S. History girls from high school. Not even Tera Roth. But Lindsay is an anomaly. She’s been telling me to write a book for years, and I guess she figures that, once I do write that blockbusting bestseller, she wants to be around to cash in.

That’s why she runs marathons. To cash in. Not many people know this, but in Utah the state government pays $10,000 to anyone who runs a marathon. Each time. That’s why Utah is the runningest state in the union. But what you also don’t know is, they pay for all that marathoning cash money by exporting the salt from the lake to Idaho to put on the potatoes. As of 2006, conservative estimates predict the lake will dry up (so to speak) by the year 2012. This might not be a problem for the Mayans, but it is for Joe Sixpack, because he needs that salt for his pretzels. PRETZELS!

That’s why Lindsay is starting a campaign to Save the Salt, Dude. I Mean, Come on! Seriously! (STADIUMCOS) It’s a social work, but if you need sodium, somebody’s gotta do it. And Lindsay is the just the maverick we need for change and hope. Read about Linsday’s campaign and send her money, maybe, why not?

Lindsay, I commend you. And you comment me. Get it?