Nicole, whom some people call Nikki, but whom I call Nikko (because I like calling people stupid names that no one else would ever want to call them), is a person I know. I would like to present our friendship in series of a haikus.

(Aside: Haiku is not just about having a certain number of syllables per line. Traditionally, haikus are intended to capture a single moment, using concrete imagery, usually dealing with nature. I have strayed from this form, but tried to maintain its integrity, for the most part. The closest I came is stanza two.)

Nine Months Ago

monday morning death.
weekend was a bust. perhaps
new conversation?

keyboard clicks and ding
from a message. it’s Nikko.
the day is better

filthy mouth you would
not say out loud but email
is OK, it’s cool

Proximipals may
not happen, but how about
a Distamigo?

Sometimes you run across certain people in life who—by design or accident—have a huge impact on you. Maybe they have just the right personality, or maybe it happens at just the right moment—whatever the case, they end up leaving on you an indelible mark and a debt that can never be repaid. The funny thing is, you get the feeling that they really have no idea how important they are to you, how much you really needed them right at that moment. They don’t realize it, probably because they were just being themselves, doing what comes naturally. But it was more than that to you. These people give you hope. They give you humor. They give you comfort, empathy, support. And sometimes, all of this without even knowing you very well. If they don’t change your life, they’ll surely change your day. And sometimes that’s all it takes.

Nikko is one of those people for me.

Sorry for not being funny.