An Evening with Jordan

Jordan is also one of those who’s stuck around since high school. I decided to present her with a series of questions, answered here.

This Is Conlan: Jordan, you’re obviously a fan of This Is Conlan. Why? Are you stupid or something?

Jordan: Not that I know of, but I do like the”Ask Conlan” segments.

TiC: Those are probably the dumbest parts. Why do you like those?

J: You’re just insulting me. What kind of interview is this?

TiC: A fake one, obviously. I’ve had a rough day. What do you expect?

J: I don’t know. I was hoping you’d make me sound articulate or insightful, like I do on my own blog, The Wild Cherry Tree.

TiC: No such luck, I’m afraid. How has This Is Conlan changed your life?

J: Well, I suppose you could say my life is changed when I read it because I’m not doing something else, which would be a change.

TiC: Yes, I could say that.

J: Also, I don’t think I have any pets.

TiC: That doesn’t really make sense.

J: Neither do you.

TiC: Touché.

J: Well, I’m afraid we’re just about out of time…

TiC: I thought I was in charge…

J: You’re so naive. You’re not in charge. I’m not in charge. No one’s in charge. Can’t you see? We’re all just pawns. Pawns! In this intergalactic cluster-eff of an existence! Do you think you can trust me? Can you trust anybody? Stop kidding yourself! There is no exit! Hell is other people!

TiC: Well, that’s all the time we have…

J: Typical.

TiC: Thank you, Jordan. And we look forward to you joining us again in the future.

J: That’s what she said.