I met Dominique last week at some Art Hop thing, where her husband Chance had some paintings, even though he’s mostly a photographer, I think. Anyway, she was nice and talked to me because I was scared and didn’t know anybody. Now we’re probably best friends because we commented on each other’s blogs.

Here are ten things I know about Dominique.

  1. It’s pronounced DOUGH-minique.
  2. She doesn’t like capital letters.
  3. She thinks most license plate frames are dumb (she hasn’t seen mine).
  4. She has a cat or something.
  5. She has a blog of some sort.
  6. She is hopeful for some reason.
  7. She is married.
  8. She once killed a man in Albuquerque, but got away with it due to New Mexico’s “Three Strikes And You’re Out, But Just One Strike… meh” Policy.
  9. She used to have longer hair, but now it’s shorter.
  10. On at least one occasion, she said “woot woot”.

That’s everything I know. Thanks for your loyalty, Dome. (Can I call you “Dome”? It was nothing to do with the size of your head. I have to admit, I didn’t really pay attention to the size of your head. Would you say you have a larger that average, smaller than average, or averager than average size head? Mine is probably larger than average. I have trouble finding hats that fit right. I think it might be too large for my hair too, which is why I will probably be bald in a few years. Heads are funny things, aren’t they, Dome?)