RC Jones: Digital Photography

Some commenters are also people.

For as long as Ryan Jones can remember, he has wanted to be an artist. Although, for the first ten years or so, this was mostly due to his admiration for his Uncle Art (who could make amusing noises with just his hands and armpits). When Ryan discovered there was a different kind of art, he decided that he kind of liked that too. Also, art rhymes with fart.

Ryan began experimenting with different art forms. For a while he played guitar, but it never quite satisfied him. “I liked playing guitar,” he recalls, “but it was so much work. I figured, why should I have to use all of my fingers to create something beautiful?” He continued searching.

After a failed and messy finger-painting experiment, Ryan found the perfect fit. Finally, something that required just one finger and wouldn’t permanently stain his parents’ carpet: Photography.

“Photography is great,” Ryan says. “I can use only one finger to press the button; plus, people respect you if you have a camera around your neck.” (This claim has not been independently verified.)

With his aptitude for dramatic visual composition, vibrant colors, and single digit art forms, Ryan soon found himself in high demand for wedding and portrait photography. His mom has called him “an innovative, artistic genius”, but Ryan downplays such praise. “I just try to take pretty pictures,” he says. “That’s all I can do. I’m just a normal guy who wanted to create art with one finger. And I like the clicking noise the camera makes. It sounds like a tiny rocket-ship.”

It is an apt analogy, for truly Ryan is shooting for the stars. Even if he misses, he will land on the moon. He can then establish a colony of some sort, to which we can flee when Earth becomes uninhabitable.

Also, Twitter: @rcjonesphoto.