CAW: Honorable Mentions

A number of my precious commenters missed out on Commenter Appreciation Week due to technicalities. Maybe they commented on the wrong post, or at the wrong time. Regardless, I don’t want their contributions to go unnoticed (but this is it; if you effed it up this time, you have to wait until next year, or pay me money). Here I present some mentions, honorably:

I honorably mentioned her previously.

I’m not sure, but I think CANDY VERA may be my first real mom commenter. CANDY VERA. Doesn’t that sound like it should be the name of a Bond girl?

007 must rescue the delectable Candy Vera from the confectionary conspiracies of demented Professor William Horatio Wonka III. But is there something sour beneath Candy’s sweet facade? Find out this Fall in… Chocolate of Solace.

Some people say Amalia is not a person at all, but rather a robot designed specifically for interplanetary combat. I don’t entirely buy this argument.

Want to know something really cool? I haven’t spoken to Michelle for years. Not for any reason in particular, but simply because that’s what happens as we get older. In fact, Michelle remains one of my favorite people I’ve ever known, with such a unique perspective she can alter the atmosphere of a room. (And when I say “unique”, I’m not using it in the euphemistic way people use it to mean “weird”; I mean “unique”, like she makes you wonder, “What is she thinking?” but not in the way that you’d ask that rhetorically about someone acting weird, but rather in the way that it seems like she must be thinking something interesting, and you wonder what it is. That kind of “what is she thinking?” See? Why do my compliments always end up sounding like insults?)

Anyway, the cool part: As I was sketching out my posts for CAW, I jotted down the opening sentence for my post about Caitlin: “Caitlin is my oldest and dearest friend. I’ve known her for a long time. Even longer than I’ve known Michelle Giamarco.” I wrote that on October 6. I thought this was a good opening for two reasons. One: I met Michelle in first grade, and she really is my longest-running friendship, of people I still talk to sometimes. And Two: It’s funny because no one would know who Michelle Giamarco is; it would seem totally absurd. And there are few things I find funnier than seeming absurdity that actually makes perfect sense. So that was in my mind at the time. But before I actually got around to posting those lines on Friday, Michelle popped up and commented on the 8th! Freaky! What do you call that? Karma? Dharma? Big Pharma? Whatever the mystical force that drew us together again, I’m happy for it.

Also, I think they should make a brand of cookies called “Honorable Mentions”. Or at least doggie treats.