I’m going to [EDIT] this post

Update 10/23/08: Rather than deleting any part of this stupid post, I have edited it to more fully represent the events of the day. I have retained all the original text in bold, striking through what was no longer necessary.

Today I met my second favorite Twitter followee favorite Twitteree west of the Mississippi today. In person. In fact, I am here right now. She’s in the bathroom. I have to post this before she comes back. It’s a competition she insisted on for some reason unclear to me. She’s kind of weird, I guess. But not in a bad way. Maybe like Michelle Giamarco. But no one is as cool as Michelle Giarmarco.

Dumb. This is getting deleted. So dumb. Maybe I’ll just edit it later. I thought of a new joke at Barnes & Noble. Remind me to tell you later.

We are at Barnes & Noble, and while I was ordering my coffee, I noticed a prominent sign: “FEATURED HALF SANDWICH of the Day.” This made me feel a bit sad for the other half.

This is what it looks like in my head:


Kind of depressing, isn’t it?