Readership Driving Me Crazy!

Hey, everybody! I’m back! Don’t forget the First Occasional This Is Conlan Readership Drive is still going on! All you have to do is direct three friends or colleagues to read this here blog. Once they check it out, you let me know and I’ll send you your very own JPEG scan of original, hand-drawn awesomeness by me (Conlan).

For example, this racist, duckist drawing I sent to Caitlin for Facebooking the crap out of my URL:


If you’ve already done your part, comment at me or email me (conlan at Or even twitter me, if you’re cool enough. Just let me know and I’ll get your awesomeness in the mail (e). If you haven’t already done your part, do it. This is a limited-time offer. In this economy, an offer like this can’t go on forever, so get to it!

Also, keep your internet dial right here for more thrills, controversy, and special (not literally) announcements in the coming days.