Plug: T.H.I.S

I usually don’t like to point out other funny things online, because I like for you to come here for all your internet hilarity (what more do you need, Greedy McLaughstoomuch?), but I feel I must speak out.

If you don’t listen to Tally Hall’s music, that’s understandable; it’s not for everyone. But if you aren’t watching Tally Hall’s Internet Show, you are a moron. You don’t want to be a moron, do you?

This sketch from the latest episode is something that, I think, is pretty amazing: a bit that is funny and original. Most sketches I see around may be funny, but they’re almost always a variation on a well worn structure, or simply something we’ve already seen but in a different setting (think SNL recurring characters who do their schtick at a friend’s party one week, then at a different friend’s party the next). But this thing… well, it’s beautiful. Watch:


Check out full episodes: Tally Hall’s Internet Show.

Note: Conlan received no compensation for this unsolicited adverstisement