12DB, Day 6: Time Travel Test

This is a test of my experimental time travel blogging application. The time is recorded as 2:35pm, Tuesday, January 6. If this works, I will have sent the first successful time traveling blog post in history.

It all happened when I was trying to hang a picture of one of those Italian “little boy peeing” fountains above my toilet. I was balancing with one foot on the toilet and one on the toilet paper holder. Unfortunately (or fortunately in this case!), the toilet paper was not my usual double-ply quilted triple roll ((It was just double-ply standard.)) and the holder broke and I feel, hitting my head on the magazine rack. I was unconscious for maybe 4 or 5 minutes. When I awoke, I had a vision. A vision of the Facilitative Anachronical Kinetic Energifier (or, the FATE, to the les scientifically inclined). This is what makes blog time travel possible.

If all goes according to plan, this post will arrive in exactly 48 hours, at 2:35pm, Thursday, January 8.

See you on the other side.