12DB, Day 10: Photo Day

People often ask me: Conlan, how sexy are you and what do you love? I figured the best way to answer those questions was with a series of three photos with 90-degree angles (hot!) and four equal sides. Just like mom used to make!

Me, loving my precious.
Me, loving my hat and scarf.
Me, loving contemplation.

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of my psyche. What’s that you say? You don’t see how this represents my psyche? Well, let me ask you this: if this all doesn’t deal with the controobulations of my mind, then why am I writing to voices in my head?… Oh, I suppose you’re right. That does make sense… OK, sorry for the confusion… Oh, thank you very much…. Yeah, it does stink sometimes… You’re going where? Bora Bora? That sounds amazing. Enjoy your vacation… Yes, I know what you mean! OK, bye bye!