Dogs are nice, Neko Case, and I’m an ass

When Neko Case says “blog”, you damn well better believe I blog. I would anyway, but especially so because I did not know she had a new album coming out on March 3. What kind of ass am I? ((A big one.))

You don’t understand. Neko Case… Neko Case is amazing. Her music pierces my soul. Her voice pierces my soul and makes it bleed! Are you getting this?? Souls cannot bleed and hearts cannot weep, but that is what Neko Case does to me!

I only hope she can forgive me for not knowing. And I only hope you will listen to this song from her upcoming album Middle Cyclone:

People Got A Lotta Nerve – Neko Case

You can also download a free MP3.

Also, there is a point. For blogging this, Neko Case and ANTI- Records are donating five bucks to some animal charity thing. Watch:


Nice, right?

While you’re at it, watch this video about the new album: