Ode to Floyd

A few weeks ago I received the 250th comment on this here blog. Floyd wrote:

this is a fine blog.

… very apropos.

In my head, I had promised a gift to the person who left my 250th comment. Then, with my fingers, I promised a gift to Floyd. As a PROFESSIONAL WRITER, you know I am not, as they say, “in the money way” (click my Google ads!), so I will use my amazing, professional-level creative skills to improvise.

I know it’s not much, but it’s the best I can do. My gift is my song, Floyd, and this one’s for you:

Floyd, I know, is a designer
with pictures and pixels
that couldn’t be finer

Opposed to labs: anti, even.
Parachutes, gorilla suits,
arriving first, then leavin’

the best for last. But I
don’t know what that is.
Maybe I’m a nut, hi.

This took a turn for
the worse; I should rehearse.
Now I’ll stop burn, door

Thanks for participating in the participatory culture of my blog, Floyd!