Spilled the Beans

The following occurred, and was written, in December 2005:

I was at Starbucks this morning because I had to get up early to finish papers for a million classes. So I’m sitting there with my coffee (and a water because I was thirsty, too) and I’ve got a bunch of photo-copied journal articles and my Child Development book and notebook on the table with everything. I’m listening to my iPod with these expensive headphones I bought that fit into my ears. I shuffle around some papers or something and, with the sounds of Broken Social Scene in my ears, my coffee goes tumbling to the ground, but not before leaving much of itself on my left leg.

At this point I probably said a bad word, but I couldn’t hear it because I had my headphones on. I try to take them out of my ears, but the stupid little rubber part comes off, lodged in my ear. I’m trying to pluck it out because I’m afraid it will get stuck in there and I’ll have to go to the hospital or something. All the while, coffee is seeping into my pants and onto the chair and back into other areas of my pants (the floor is covered with it). I give up on the rubber in my ear and run to grab a bunch of napkins. After throwing them on the ground, I have to go tell the workers that I spilled my coffee like an idiot. They were nice. They mopped it up and gave me another cup of coffee. I went in the bathroom to try to clean myself up. It didn’t work, but I did manage to dislodge the earphone piece from my ear with the tip of my pen. I sat back down at another table. I didn’t want to leave because I was afraid I wouldn’t finish my paper in time. I thought I’d have to go the rest of the day stinking of dried coffee with a big stain on my leg (luckily I was wearing brown pants). So I sat there for the next hour and a half, with napkins under my butt, feeling coffee-soaked fabric against my skin, writing a paper on Romanian orphans. It was great.

I did, however, finish with plenty of time to go home, throw my clothes in the washer and shower before going to class. That is my fun story of the only time I’ve ever spilled coffee at Starbucks. I figure, with how much I’ve been there, it’s a pretty good record.