I’ve been away

…but now I’m back.

So I will have things to say. Soon. Maybe tomorrow. But for now, I’ve got some sexy, sexy other things with which for you to kill time.

  • Amanda Rose is one of my favorite localish singer/songwriter-types. Go to her MySpace and listen to some rough cuts she posted recently. My favorite is “Millions of Miles”, which is not actually the name of the song.
  • Why don’t you go buy Neko Case’s latest, Middle Cyclone?If you use that link, I’ll earn a commission. In fact, if you want anything from Amazon, tell me beforehand so I can link to it. ((If that is against the terms of service, then I am only joking, of course… but really.)) I’m so effing broke.
  • Also, Picture is Unrelated. W, as they say, TF?

That’s all I have. What do you want from me?