Cool Burps

Last night I went to see The Hot Toddies from Oakland at Audie’s Olympic ((Come on, Fresno. Let’s take a stand. Fred’s is dead. It says “Audie’s” on the signs; I’m calling it that. I’m tired of slashing.)) They’re a four-piece, all-girl ((Why doesn’t anyone refer to female-less bands as “all-guy”? Sexist!)) band that plays 60s girl-group-inspired tunes heavy on irony and tongue-in-cheekiness (“W W W dot whoa-oh-oh-oh dot com”). They were really good and fun and cetera. Great harmonies, too.

But that’s not my point. My companion for the evening was one Shee-Na: Princess of Power. PoP, for some reason, was drinking beer. For some reason, this gave her the expected gas resulting from the consumption of a carbonated beverage. For some reason, she was burping. For some reason, I said, “Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone,” followed by, “Actually, I’m going to blog about it tomorrow.” For some reason, this became a challenge. For some reason, I was supposed to try to make PoP’s burping sound cool on my blog. For some reason, here we are.

If that doesn’t sound cool enough already, how about this? The burps were wearing leather jackets and sunglasses. Also, later, they hung out on a yacht with whatever Hollywood celebrity is so hot right now.

That sounds pretty effin’ cool to me, don’t you think? I win.