Fresno Blog?

Since moving back to Fresno from San Francisco last July, I’ve quickly (to my mind, at least) ingrained myself in the thriving Fresno blogosphere and creative community. My out-of-date links section lists but a few of the interesting and innovative Fresnans who are Trying Something Different (and whom I now call friends).

I never set out for This Is Conlan to be a “Fresno blog”, nor even did I seek to be a “Fresno blogger”. And, despite my occasional appearances on the Beehive, and my various associations, This Is Conlan remains as it is—whatever it is—but not a Fresno-centered blog.

Still, through my writing for Fresno Magazine and my love of music (both good and live), plus my affinity for loitering in places that serve coffee, food, and/or alcohol, I find myself thinking a lot about Fresno and my neighbors. About what’s going on and what has gone on. I find that sometimes I know what’s going on, and more often I want to know what’s going on. The people and blogs I alluded to play a big part in that, but I still had some of my own ideas floating around for what I’d do if I ever did write a Fresno blog.

Of course, that wasn’t going to happen. I have enough trouble writing content regularly for This Is Conlan. I wasn’t going to start another unprofitable hobby while I went on with little or no real income. That would just be dumb, right?


A few weeks ago, my friends at Fresno Magazine came to me with a proposition: “Blog for us.” Would I be paid? “No.” Would I have full creative and editorial control? “Ehh…” (to my surprise) “…pretty much.” So I thought, what the hell?

Introducing My plan is to focus on local arts, music, entertainment, with a distinctly South-of-Shaw bias, which I think is underrepresented in the print mag (although overrepresented in the bloggernet—I’ll have to figure how to balance that). I plan to keep it local, positive, independent, and entertaining. I’ve got some weird stuff planned. Maybe it’ll work out; maybe not.

I figure this is a chance to flex my creativity a bit, while really contributing to the Fresno creative community whose company I already enjoy so much. Who knows how long my “creative control” will last, but while it does, if you’re a Fresnan, think about adding FMB to your browsing repertoire (give it a few weeks to mature, at least). If you have any ideas or feedback, email . I’ll still be updating This Is Conlan (no one could ever give me this much creative control), so don’t worry about that.

We’ll see how it goes.