Goodbye Ads, Hello Altruism

I don’t like having Google ads on my site. I think they’re ugly and usually irrelevant and, most importantly, don’t make me any money. So screw ’em.

I tried an experiment with the T-Shirts. I thought I could generate some cash flow while encouraging absurdity (a winning combination if ever there was one). It’s only been a week, but preliminary sales figures indicate you all suck. ((Except my mom.))

I get it. The shirts are expensive and you have to order them and it’s a big fiasco. So my next experiment starts now: donations. Would you buy a magazine of this blog once a month for three bucks? Is it worth the cost of a cup of coffee or a luxury sedan? You decide. If you get enjoyment out of it, send a little karma (i.e., money dollars) my way. You can donate any amount, from $1 to $1 million (actually, I don’t know if you can donate a million—try it and see!). Utilize the big dumb “donate” button on the side there.

I’m a realist. I suspect this won’t succeed either. But I’ll try anything once. ((Except most things.)) So. Prove me wrong, kids. Prove me wrong.