Just in time for the holidays, I’m taking the bold step of announcing my triumphant return to hiatusing!

That’s right: I am putting This Is Conlan on hiatus until May 1. For those of you using Internet Explorer, a hiatus is kind of like a vacation. Or taking a nap. It means it’s going away for a while but will be back. I hope that helps.

That’s right: I’ll be taking the remainder of this month to focus on setting things up over at, as well as working on some enhancements and optimizations and other buzz words for the ol’ TiC (This Is Conlan). The end result will be better for everyone.

That’s right: set your alarm clocks, RSS readers, and pregnancy tests to May 1, 2009. When I Shall Return.

And in the meantime, I’ll be on Twitter and FMB. Stay strong. See you soon.