Then I have a special announcement.

First, I’ve added some new shirt variants to the CafePress store, upon request. If you requested one, order it or face my wrath. Also note, I’m planning to take down the store at the end of April, so get while the getting’s good.

Secondly, here is an exchange I just had on Twitter with a woman who, near as I can tell, is some kind of prostitute who uses the phrase “dirty hipster” as her only pejorative (@notightclothes – probably NSFW).

She started following me this morning for some reason. I didn’t twitter anything today until around 3pm (a link to the FMB), after which the following twitter conversation ensued.

Her: @thisisconlan your a loser!!!
Me: @notightclothes erm… OK?
Her: @thisisconlan ur prob a dirty hipster arent you??
Me: @notightclothes Probably.
Her: @thisisconlan take a shower and brush your teeth!!!
Her: @thisisconlan i love white boys but dirty smelly hipsters of any race are not tolerated!!! dont forget to floss!!
Me: @notightclothes May I ask why you’re following me?
Her: @thisisconlan i was looking for a real man and stumbbled on your lame ass, dont forget to wash behind your ears!!
Me: @notightclothes Not sure what I said to make you think that, but your point is well taken.
Her: @thisisconlan [link to picture of someone’s butt in a thong] you wish you could have some of this, comb your hair!!
Me: @notightclothes Oh, now I get it. keerrrrr-block!

At which point I blocked her.

Good times, right?

Thirdly, if you live in Fresno or are from Fresno, please go comment on this post: Fresno Best. Thanks.

And now, a special announcement.