This Is Twittering: Meta-Commentary Digest, Episode 10

It’s time for another episode of This Is Twittering: Meta-Commentary Digest.


Amazon search for “wishing and hoping”: “Did you mean: fishing and coping?”

I just thought that was funny.


I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers. People who know me know better.

Fact is, it’s not hard to be nice to strangers. It’s hard to be nice to people you know. That’s why Jesus said, “Love your neighbor” and not “Love people who won’t have the chance to screw you over later.”


Blog got a a hit from a google search of: naaa naaa naranananana ow ow oooww. True.

Speaks for itself.


The man of a thousand acquaintances.

I have a lot of acquaintances.

April Fools Day is so annoying. Especially since the internet was discovered. It’s just an excuse for people to lie about something, then say “Just kidding.” That is not funny. The next chick who says, “I’m pregnant… April Fools!” should be artificially inseminated. And then die in childbirth. April Fools!

Your entire family was killed when the hot-air balloon they were in popped. April fools.

See? This twitter is a double-whammy. One: I am ironically mocking April Fools jokes. Two: It’s kind of funny on its own, I think, because a hot air balloon popping just strikes me as amusing.

I really think “death of a loved one” April Fools’ jokes are the best.

Here I am being ironical.

I’m at Revue. April Fools! No, just kidding. I am, really. Where else would I be? April Fools! I’m not joking.

What am I “not joking” about? Do you see what I mean?


Flight or invisibility… or ice cream?

Now that is a tough choice.


I am the company misery loves.

I was at a show and there was a line in a song about misery loving company or something, and this popped into my head. I just thought it was interesting.


I’d know best if I didn’t know better.

Not only is this awesome poetry, it’s also true. I think this applies to most people, or at least it should. You’re too smart to think you’re smart… actually, I guess most people aren’t.