Mobile Popularity

Hi there, good-lookin’. I have a few “notes” for you, which I will list in ascending order.

  1. I have mobilized this blog. That is to say, if you view it on a “mobile device” you will see an optimized layout, enhanced navigation, and a picture of a unicorn. God speed, little doodle.
  2. You may have noticed new little—howdoyousay?—”popularity percentages” at the ends of blog posts. Plus, a “Most Popular Posts” list in the sidebar. It is based on things like pageviews and comments, and is for the benefit of people who want to be popular (i.e., you, loser). Because it is new, the stats aren’t quite as accurate as they’ll become over time. If you want to help scam the system: search for, view, and comment (again) on your favorite posts from the past.

That is all. I will be updating again in the “near” future. I might even express my opinion on something(s). Who knows? It’s a wide, weird world out there (here), y’know? OK, bye ((OK, but not bye. I have one juicy tidbit especially and exclusively for you, my loyal blog readers: I will be giving up my editorship of The Other Blog (FMB) in the near future. Shh. Don’t tell anyone. OK, bye.)).