Fresno Famous: Me

It’s true. I am now Fresno Famous. So to speak. Go read it. Famous Whitewater probes for deep insights into what makes me tick. ((Hint: muscle spasms.))

If you’re visiting after reading about me on Fresno Famous, welcome. This Is Conlan is a welcoming community. Even more than the Unitarians. And according to the posters I used to see in the subway, Unitarians don’t care about anything! So, you know, that’s pretty welcoming. Although, I suppose now it seems I’m not very welcoming to Unitarians. But that’s not true. I love Unitarians… It’s the Unitarian Universalists that must be stopped!

Anyway. If I were a bilingual lawyer, I would say, “Mi casa es sue casa.” Get it? Hahaha, oh man. We love to laugh…