Fresno Famous: Me

It’s true. I am now Fresno Famous. So to speak. Go read it. Famous Whitewater probes for deep insights into what makes me tick.1

If you’re visiting after reading about me on Fresno Famous, welcome. This Is Conlan is a welcoming community. Even more than the Unitarians. And according to the posters I used to see in the subway, Unitarians don’t care about anything! So, you know, that’s pretty welcoming. Although, I suppose now it seems I’m not very welcoming to Unitarians. But that’s not true. I love Unitarians… It’s the Unitarian Universalists that must be stopped!

Anyway. If I were a bilingual lawyer, I would say, “Mi casa es sue casa.” Get it? Hahaha, oh man. We love to laugh…

  1. Hint: muscle spasms. []