How I am being murdered

Whenever the conversation turns to murder (as it inevitably does), my pal RC is always eager to offer his preferred method: testing071.jpg

Take one of those dual-tube epoxy mixes and jam it up somebody’s nose (one tube in each nostril). Then discharge the epoxy up said nose. Theoretically, the two gels will meet somewhere near the back of the throat, thus initiating the chemical reaction that will harden the mixture into a solid, cutting off the airway and suffocating the victim.

Very clever, if only in theory.

Right now, I feel like the victim of such a plot. Except it seems the epoxy has hardened somewhere in my upper sinuses, blocking air to my nose, but allowing me to mouth-breathe for the rest of my miserable existence.

I’m exaggerating of course. In actureality, I just feel like somebody hit me in the face with a mallet.

P.S. I’m only talkin’ ’bout sinus pressure.