Christmas Blend, with two pumps of peppermint syrup

Customer at Starbucks, sitting at a table with her friend, after noticing how crowded the store is at 10am:

Wow, this is kind of scary. I’m glad I have a job.

I’m assuming she assumes that anyone sitting at Starbucks at 10am on a Friday is out of work. Despite the “Whuh?” factor of this, I see a few problems with her reasoning.

  1. It’s 2009. Get a clue.
  2. You’re in your early 30s. Get a clue. Seriously. And,
  3. You are sitting in Starbucks at 10am on a Friday! Why are you here?

UPDATE: I am writing this post as I sit at the next table over. She looks around again: “There’s still a lot of people here. And I don’t think anybody’s really doing anything…” Please note: anyone not on their computer is clearly past retirement age, sitting and talking with other old people… except for her and her friend.

Perhaps she believes computers are only used for playing solitaire.

UPDATE 2: She saw a friend of hers in line. They talked for 10 minutes.

UPDATE 3: I’m putting on headphones. I can’t take it anymore.

But really, people. Next time you make an assumption about a subset of people, consider whether or not that subset includes you.