My Top 10 2011 Top 10 Lists of 2011

The year is almost over, and that means it’s time to recap the best of everything 2011. Rather than list my favorite albums or movies or celebrity divorces of the year, I’ve decided to list my Top 10 2011 Top 10 Lists of the Year. These are presented in no particular order, except from top to bottom (and left to right).

10. Top 10 New iPhone Launches/Middle East Uprisings
9. Top 10 Closed Celebrity Murder Cases Reopened
8. Top 10 Reasons That Top 10 Lists Are A Lazy Way To Make A Joke
7. Top 10 Toes On The Human Body (Bottom Half)
6. Top 10 Rebecca Black “Friday” Parody Remix Videos
5. Top 10 High School Teachers Having Sex With Students Scandals
4. Top 10 New Dances That It Turns Out Were Actually Just People Getting Tased
3. Top 10 Royal Wedding Souvenir Snowglobes
2. Top 10 Iraq Wars Ended
1. Top 10 Non-Protest-Related Pepper Sprayings

So, there you have it.

Enjoy the new year, everybody. It will be your last.