Introducing Robots

If you like robots, you’ll love Robots, an email newsletter about all the news that’s fit to letter. ((Disclaimer: liking robots in no way guarantees that you will love Robots.)) It’s delivered right to your inbox once every two months-ish. And it’s not really about robots; it’s about copywriting and writing and maybe some other stuff. It’s not for everyone, but it just might be for you.

Like my new Facebook page ((Like my new Facebook page.)), Robots is a new endeavor to inform, entertain, and let people know about how awesome I am so maybe they will give me money to write things.

I’ve been doing this copywriter thang full-time for several years now, but I haven’t done much marketing of myself. I decided to start marketing my services a bit more, in the hope of building my business, working with new (and old) people, and creating cooler and cooler stuff. But of course I’m gonna market myself my own way—and hopefully remain true to my personal mantra of entertaining, interesting, or original. I’ll explain more in the inaugural issue later this month.

I think you should just subscribe to Robots and see what happens.