This Is Twittering: Meta-Commentary Digest, Episode 58

Sometimes I tell jokes on Twitter and then I freak out and wonder if anybody understood the joke I was trying to make because, OMG, what if I’m not as clever as I think I am!? So then I post them again here and explain them and This Is Twittering: Meta-Commentary Digest.


(continued below)

As of now.


Confirmation bias. It’s real, and it’s deadly.


If you have a question about something I say, the answer is probably this.


This was better as written, with a line break between each sentence. I’m fascinated by the phrase “I’m asking for a friend,” so I play with it. I don’t think this one is as funny as my previous tweet: “Will you be my friend? I’m asking for a friend.”


This is funny because it’s true.


Get it? It’s a joke.


Buzzwords are fun to play with. I dislike buzzwords because, to me, they betray a lack of original thought. They’re basically insta-clich├ęs, because they take the place of clear explanations and ideas while ostensibly saying something meaningful. If they ever meant something, that meaning has been lost by their overuse. My purpose with this tweet, if I have one, is to point out the silliness of these words by changing their common form (e.g., from an adjective to a noun). But that’s only if I actually have a purpose, which I probably don’t.


I think this is funny. I hope my tweets are never used against me in a court of law.


This is a joke about cows.


This is kind of fun.

But later I thought of something else.

“Sexy singles” being open to love is funnier than “contestants”.

That concludes this episode of This Is Twittering: Meta-Commentary Digest.