This Is Twittering: Meta-Commentary Digest, Episode 60

Sometimes I tell jokes on Twitter and then I freak out and wonder if anybody understood the joke I was trying to make because, OMG, what if I’m not as clever as I think I am!? So then I post them again here and explain them. And sometimes that makes the misunderstandings worse. This Is Twittering: Meta-Commentary Digest.


See, like the forms you fill out when you go to the doctor’s office. (I’m talking about human doctors who treat humans.)


I call this Conlan’s razor.

REACTION (I don’t know how, but somehow this tweet got deleted from Twitter, but here it is):

A combination murder-suicide is a great way to let people know that you’re unhappy and a despicable person.

I can understand, intellectually, getting mad enough to kill someone. I can also understand getting sad enough to kill yourself. I can even understand why someone would decide to combine murder and suicide: if you’re going to kill someone, then killing yourself right afterwards makes sense—you can avoid the hassle of evading punishment or sitting through a long, boring trial. But what I’m specifically reacting to with this tweet is the people who kill their kids and then kill themselves. I don’t understand that at all. You know how selfish I think littering is, so you shouldn’t be surprised when I say that murder/suiciding your own children is infuriatingly, overwhelmingly, god-playingly, repulsively abhorrent. But I guess nobody’s perfect.


I don’t really know what this means, but I’m sure it means something.


Speaking of murder, that concludes this episode of This Is Twittering: Meta-Commentary Digest.